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You may have heard that today during his daily press briefing, Governor Murphy, along with Commissioner of Education Lamont Repollet, announced changes to student assessment and educator evaluation. He also issued Executive Order 117, formalizing many of those changes.

This action comes after weeks of advocacy by NJEA, in which we have made the case very strongly for relaxing and eliminating a number of regular assessment and evaluation requirements in response to the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 and the sudden use of extended statewide remote instruction.

Our current understanding of the impact of the Governor’s action is as follows:

  1. Following up on the previous announcement that all statewide assessments are cancelled for this year, the governor clarified that this will include all portfolio assessments required for HS graduation;
  2. As a result of these actions, there will be NO use of student assessment scores for educator evaluation;
  3. The statutory requirement that there will be at least three observations of each educator has been waived; and
  4. The Commissioner of Education is empowered under emergency regulatory authority to “waive, suspend or modify” any portion of Title 6A of the Administrative Code.

NJEA will provide further information as soon as we analyze the details of the DOE guidance, which is expected shortly. We have advocated with the DOE our belief that the guidance must be issued very quickly, so that educators can focus their full attention on the immediate and very challenging task of providing remote education to their students without concern about other issues regarding assessment and evaluation during this tumultuous time.

As always, we are grateful for the outstanding work done by NJEA members of every job category in every community in our state. We will continue to advocate every day to ensure that you are afforded the appropriate support, flexibility and respect as you carry out your monumental task.

In solidarity,

Marie Blistan, President
New Jersey Education Association

Sean M. Spiller, Vice President
New Jersey Education Association

Steve Beatty, Secretary-Treasurer
New Jersey Education Association