Negotiations Update (11/10)

The mediation session between the ACEA and Board has been cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances. The cancellation is no fault of the Board or the ACEA. The meeting will be…

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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

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Set your Zoom Background to one of our awesome NJEA virtual backgrounds. Download six NJEA No Contract, Always Working Virtual Zoom Backgrounds Instructions on How to Change your Virtual Background…

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Negotiations Update (10/27)

ACEA Members, The ACEA Negotiations Team continues to work towards reaching a settlement with the Board. On Friday, October 23rd, our NJEA Uniserv representative, the Board’s labor attorney, and the…

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Negotiations Update (10/8)

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020, the ACEA and the ACBOE met for the third time with the mediator from PERC in attempt to resolve our issues and settle the contract. …

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Faculty & Staff remote on Fridays

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Please remember that faculty and staff are to be remote on Fridays while teaching/working.  This is to allow the maintenance team to "deep clean" the buildings.  We advise all members…

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NJEA seeking members for committees

The NJEA seeks members interested in serving on available NJEA Committees: Affiliations Constitution DIstinguished Service Award Health Benefits Professional Development Vocational Education Worksite Health and Safety Urban Education If interested…

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Negotiations Update (9/17)

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The ACEA and the Board of education met last night, September 15th, with the PERC mediator for over 4 hours. This was the second meeting conducted with the Mediator. Although…

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Dental Grievance Update

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After our last contract was settled and ratified, and the District made the change to the School Employees’ Health Benefits Plan Direct 15, the District began improperly taking contributions for…

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