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We are all facing the challenge of finding a rhythm while adjusting to what returning to school looks like. Aside from our new normal, it is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I announce my run for Secretary-Treasurer of NJEA! 

I ask that you allow me to qualify to run a campaign by signing my petition. Signing a petition does not indicate your vote for any candidate, as a matter of fact, you are allowed to sign all petitions for everyone seeking the Secretary-Treasurer position. Once I am certified as a candidate, I will be able to run a campaign and you will be able to learn about why I wish to serve you. 

Please sign the petition and forward this email and petition link to other members, so that I can secure signatures to place my name on the ballot as a candidate for Secretary-Treasurer.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.

Please click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser to access the petition.